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Information and care

If you are looking for abortion information or care, the websites listed below might be useful for you.

Global resources

These external websites provide information for people looking for abortion information and care around the world.

  • Free online counselling

    • - Safe2Choose offers free virtual counselling and advice on medical abortion and is available in multiple languages.
  • Online medical abortion care

    • Women on Web - Women on Web is an international online abortion service, providing access to safe abortion services.
    • Women Help Women - Women Help Women is an international activist non-profit organization working on access to abortion.
  • Find abortion pills by country

    • How to Use Country Pages - This page provides country information on abortion laws.
    • Find your abortion -  This website helps navigate the next steps of accessing safe abortion, providing specific country information.
  • Find a hotline for information and support

  • Instructions for abortion with pills

    • How To Use Abortion Pill - This website gives instructions on how to use medical abortion pills to safely and effectively end a pregnancy.
    • How To Use Abortion Pill - videos - This online course is a set of videos designed for anyone looking to learn more about self-managing their abortion.
  • Help finding the right pills

  • Information for health workers

    • Online training for health workers - This free online course equips healthcare workers with necessary skills to provide care for women seeking medical abortion up to 13 weeks’ gestation. It is available in multiple languages and there is an option to download a certificate upon successful completion. Or watch the videos here

US resources

These external websites provide information for people in the US who are looking for abortion information and care.

  • Information about how to find medical abortion pills

    • Plan C - Plan C provides information on how people in the US can access abortion pills online.
    • I Need an A - This site provides information for people seeking abortions in the US.
  • Online medical abortion providers

    • Aid Access - Aid Access provides digital consultations and abortion pills.
    • Hey Jane - Hey Jane is a virtual clinic that provides medical abortion consultation and pills to people in some US states.
    • Carafem - Carafem provides in-clinic abortion care and at-home medical abortion in certain states.